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Why is Rooibos so healthy?

Rooibos tea has a sweet, delicate, and earthy flavour. It contains several antioxidants, which help explain some of the tea’s health benefits. 

Rooibos tea is naturally free of caffeine, making it a good option for people who are sensitive to caffeine, pregnant women, and young children. 

For people who are at risk for low iron or anemia, rooibos is one of the best teas to drink.  Rooibos contains very low levels of tannins.  Tannins are naturally occurring compounds present in various plant-based foods, such as black tea, red wine, and chocolate, that hinder the absorption of iron. 

Rooibos has an impressive amount of antioxidants, which can help protect your body from environmental damage from pollution, chemicals, and other toxins. 

In addition, Rooibos has been shown to provide cardiovascular benefits and keep cholesterol levels in check.  From strengthening your cardiovascular system to potentially helping prevent cancer, antioxidants in rooibos tea are excellent for long term health.

Drinking rooibos tea regularly can help people with diabetes keep their blood level sugars under control and therefore reduce the risk of complications.

Rooibos is also calorie-free. This makes tea a good beverage for those who are trying to maintain a healthy weight and stay hydrated. There is some evidence that rooibos can halt the formation of new fat cells and encourage quicker fat metabolism.

Some people advocate that drinking rooibos tea has helped them to treat allergies, colic, digestive problems, insomnia, mental health issues, and poor appetite.

Rooibos tea shows promise when it comes to treating common ailments such as pain and skin conditions, as well as more serious diseases such as heart disease and diabetes. With a rich, crimson colour that is visually pleasing along with fruity, and subtle flavour profile, drinking rooibos tea is a pleasure. It pairs wonderfully with other flavours, and can be enjoyed hot or cold. See this post for some Rooibos inspiration.  

Pour yourself a cup of tea and enjoy a delicious tea experience and reap the health benefits!

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