What is Wild Grown Rooibos?

Wild grown Rooibos is a newly developed Rooibos tea. This wild tea is light in colour with fresh fruit notes accompanied by low tannins. Different sub-species of wild Rooibos add to the complexity of its flavours. The more mature plants bring mild flavours with a smoothness and a long finish. Wild grown Rooibos is a short cut loose-leaf type of Rooibos. 

Sunbird Wild Grown Single Origin Tin

Where is it found?
It is found near Wupperthal, at the base of the Cederberg mountains. This wild tea is from the same farm as our Single Origin Hidden Valley Rooibos tea. It is harvested from naturally vegetated slopes that are too steep, rocky or inaccessible to be commercially farmed. The altitude ranges from 650m to 750m.

Near Wupperthal, Cederberg mountain

Why is it called wild grown Rooibos?
It is called wild grown Rooibos because this blend of Rooibos is grown completely in the wild. It is grown in its natural habitat. It’s free of environmental manipulation such as the installation of irrigation systems or the use of pesticides or fertilizers. With a low environmental impact and a distinct flavour due to the region’s terrier, this is how it’s meant to be grown.

How to brew it?
Brew at a lower temperature to bring out the best in this discerning tea. Put one teaspoon per cup in a stove-top kettle and boil vigorously for 2-4 minutes, or steep in a cup with freshly boiled water for 5-6 minutes.

Lady plunging some wild grown Rooibos

How does it taste?
It has a sweet wild honey laced flavour to it with rich nuttiness of hazelnuts and almonds, and a light mineral note.

Where do we get it from?
We get our Single Origin Wild Grown Rooibos on the Eastern side of the Olifants Valley. This is a secluded valley under the iconic Sneeuberg mountain. It has an elevation of 710m which gives the terrier its cool nights but the surrounding valley blocks cool summer breezes and reflects heat, causing day-time temperatures to soar. The field is sandy, well-drained and with a low-gradient.

Sneeuberg Mountain


What are the differences between wild grown Rooibos and normal Rooibos?

  • Wild grown Rooibos uses more heat and the fields are more drought resistant. 
  • Wild grown Rooibos grows more slowly and it can store water reserves in its enlarged roots. This enables it to survive greater extremes of climates. 
  • Wild Rooibos crops produce tea for up to 50 years whereas normal Rooibos crops last up to 6 years.  
  • Wild grown crops can’t be grown from cuttings and are only harvested every 2nd year.  
  • Wild grown Rooibos plants thrive on regular natural fires caused by summer lightning. The fires burn the top off the plant, helping it to grow faster, while the ash fertilizes the nutrient-poor soil.
Natural fire caused by lightning



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