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Sunbird Rooibos

Wild Grown Rooibos Refill 100g • Single Origin Rooibos

Wild Grown Rooibos Refill 100g • Single Origin Rooibos

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If you've already purchased our single origin tins and used the contents, a refill is the perfect way to top up your Rooibos without adding to our landfills.


Light in colour with fresh fruit notes accompanied by low tannins. Different 
sub-species of wild Rooibos add to the complexity of the flavours. The more mature plants brought milder flavours but with smoothness and a long finish. Brew at a lower temperature to bring out the best in this discerning tea.


Our wild tea is from the same farm as our Hidden Valley terroir described on the previous page. This tea is sustainably harvested from naturally vegetated slopes that are too steep, rocky or inaccessible to be commercially farmed. We only harvest every other year to ensure seeding and regrowth is sufficient to maintain a wild crop. The altitude ranges from 650m to 750m.

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