Get a FREE tea infuser with your online order

There are people out there who swear by loose-leaf tea, and there are people out there who love their boxes of bagged teas.

At the outset, we only wanted to sell loose tea, but soon relented and offered a tea bag version reluctantly. The hesitation came from tea bags having plastic filament woven into the paper - this makes them neither recyclable nor biodegradable. We tried switching customers to loose tea, but found the uptake slow, although we still do persist in this!

Our round stainless steel infusers are reusable and more economical and environmentally friendly than disposable teabags. The Sunbird Infuser comes with a stainless steel tag with our logo and the infuser is 5cm in diameter so it fits well in a tea cup or mug. Simply fill the infuser with a teaspoon of Rooibos tea and hang it into a cup or mug.Whether you like your Rooibos light or strong, loose leaf tea also allows consumers to add a perfect amount of Rooibos tea in their cup or pot.

How to get a free infuser?

  • Visit our online shop to buy Rooibos tea
  • Add the infuser in your purchase (R80) 
  • You will receive an automated R80 discount at the checkout 
  • Only one infuser per order
  • Promotion ends on Sunday 28 July

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