Sunbird Rooibos is about more than just a product. We strive for authenticity and qualilty in all areas; from sourcing the best Rooibos and natural ingredients to dedicating our time to servicing our happy customers. 


We aim to be better in everything we do, and take care to offer the highest quality products and service.


Our promise is solid, our claims are genuine, and we deliver on our commitments. We believe in being true to ourselves and to you, our valued customers.


We strive to minimise our environmetnal impact by choosing all natural ingredients and incorporating recyclable, reuseable, and compostable materials across our product ranges.


We promote Rooibos as part of a healthy lifestyle, and are honest about what it can and cannot do.  

When you choose Sunbird Rooibos, you're choosing a brand that cares. We care about the quality of our products, the environment, and most importantly, we care about our customers.