About Sunbird Rooibos

Sunbird Rooibos started as a wife and husband business that combines a love of the Cape's natural places with a passion for fine flavours.

Based in Cape Town, South Africa, Sunbird was founded in 2016 by Anton who grew up on a wine grape farm outside of Cape Town in the Western Cape Province in South Africa. This afforded him the opportunity to learn about birds and to be amongst the mountains and oceans of the Cape – two of the most fascinating and biodiverse places in the world.

While living in Nepal with his Finnish wife Laura, who was working for UNESCO and Nepalese Natural World Heritage Sites, Anton trekked among the inspirational Himalayas and discovered what fine tea can be. Anton became a lifelong friend with Nischal, a Nepalese tea plantation owner, and together they established a Tea Bar in Kathmandu - first of its kind in Nepal! To this day, the Tea Bar still exists and Nischal is building his tea empire in the US.

On returning home to Cape Town, he had a newfound passion for Rooibos, a drink that had been as a staple since a baby. This dual love for fine flavours and the natural world is the foundation of Sunbird Rooibos.

Our aim is to elevate the profile of Rooibos from a humble staple that many South Africans grew up with, to a discerning and nuanced drink that is comparable to acclaimed specialty coffees and orthodox teas.

Sunbird is the first to release a range of Single-Origin Rooibos tea. Sunbird Rooibos is still the only company in the world to offer organically grown Rooibos tea from Single-Origin sources. Without blending or adding flavourings, these teas represent our suppliers' unique growing conditions, made distinct by climate, soil and biodiversity. We have followed this success with a range of blended Rooibos using only natural ingredients.

The quality of our Rooibos is matched by our stylish packaging and we strongly promote the reusabilility, recyclability and compostability of our product.