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!Khwa ttu

Sunbird has formed many great relationships with our customers over the years. As a business with a firm belief that natural principles apply to all aspects of life, we see long-term beneficial relationships as integral to our story and success. Because of this, we have decided to celebrate some of them and highlight the good work that they are doing.

In September, as spring coincides with heritage month, we spoke to !Khwa ttu.

!Khwa ttu is a non-profit company, which has provided jobs and practical residential training for young San all over Southern Africa, since 1999. They are a San culture and education centre based on an 850 hectare Nature Reserve 70 kilometres North of Cape Town, South Africa. 

In 2020 during lockdown the !Khwa ttu team started brainstorming on how to convey stories of the San in the restaurant that was used in the museums and their tours. The focus of the restaurant has changed to telling the story of the San through every plate of food served. The San people were nomadic and conservative of the land and animals, which is a philosophy that is incorporated into !Khwa ttus modern menu.


A great time to visit them is anytime you’re wanting to enrich your local knowledge and enjoy a unique South African experience. The beautifully bloomed flowers are admired by both tourists and residents during the months of August and September, and December to April. They are open every day of the year expect Christmas Day and New Years Day, and are open from 9am-5pm (kitchen closes at 4pm).

!Khwa ttu seeks out produce that are sourced sustainably and producers who share their vision and are transparent in how they run their business and grow their produce.  Sunbird Rooibos has a great selection of Rooibos teas that highlights this incredible indigenous plant that relates directly to the San people who carried the knowledge about its benefits.  If it wasn’t for the San, we would not know of Rooibos.

Of everywhere Sunbird is available, !Khwa ttu is amongst those that we are most proud to be associated with. Apart from the wonderful setting and top-class facilities, the empathy and dedication shown to the San means a lot to us. It’s easy to take a product and get it out there, but we believe in having a deeper understanding of its source – not just the physical place, but also the place in history and how it came to us in the present day. !Khwa ttu is leading the way in doing this and, in a small way, we’re proud to be part of it!

See below for more information on !Khwa ttu:

www.khwattu.org - website

info@khwattu.org - general enquires

restaurant@kwhattu.co.za - restaurant enquires

bookings@khwattu.org - accomodation enquires

+27 22 492 2998 - phone number


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