New Individually Packed Tagged Rooibos Bags for Hotels and Restaurants

A while ago one of our stockists, who we now call our friend, wanted to serve our teas at his cafe. We had already been thinking about creating a special range for the South African hospitality industry.

Product development is a fascinating yet a challenging process as we had to made sure our high quality teas are packed in a stylish yet moisture-proof sachet to lock in the freshness of Rooibos.

Individually wrapped sachets also protect the tea bags from light and moisture which take out some of the more delicate Rooibos, causing the tea to lose its depth of flavour and some of health benefits. We spent a lot of time finding biodegradable packaging options but unfortunately this is not yet possible at our scale. 

Still, we see this as an interim step and are continuing to look for options that can deliver a high-quality product as well as meet our environmental goals.

As the sachets are used in a restaurant and cafe kitchens, the sachet also prevents any cross-contamination aromas with other nearby foods. 

If you wish to serve our Sunbird Sachets at your cafe, restaurant or hotel, please do get hold of Laura at and we send you more information. For the most environmentally friendly option, our 250g bulk pouches of loose tea, along with an infuser is still the best environmental option, as well as delivering a higher quality cup of tea with minimal extra effort.



Annamare Froneman

Please supply me with pricing for individually wrapped tea bags for my B&B coffee and tea self help stations



I am looking for individually wrapped roibos tea bags for my hotels

Please assist with pricing

Warm regards

Prodigy Plus

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