Refill Your Tin

Refill Your Tin

In many countries a Christmas stocking - an empty sock - is hung so that Santa Claus or Father Christmas can fill it with small toys, candy, fruit, coins or other small gifts when he arrives. Now Santa can also refill your Sunbird Rooibos tin with loose leaf Rooibos! What a clever and environmentally friendly man he is.

Reduce, reuse and recycle 

The principles of reduce, reuse, recycle are close to our packaging design. We encourage customers to buy refill packs instead of a second tin or to reuse the tin for another purpose.

A tin and a refill for R150 with delivery

Now you can order a tin and a refill for R150 with a free delivery until 20 December.* We deliver anywhere in South Africa. You can choose between 

White tins

Order your tin and a refill here

We continue to look for ways to reduce our packaging footprint as we grow and will hopefully be able to go entirely plastic free in the future.

*The campaign applies to Olifants Ridge Regular-Cut Loose Leaf Tin and refill, Hidden Valley Regular-Cut Wild Loose Leaf Rooibos tin and refill and Hidden Valley Regular-Cut Loose Leaf Rooibos Tin and refill. 


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