Rooibos ice tea with Ginger, Orange and Strawberries

Rooibos ice tea with Ginger, Orange and Strawberries

In summer we all love to drink cooling drinks but unfortunately pretty much everything has alcohol, caffeine or sugar in them. While we're not opposed to those, there's probably more than enough of it going around this festive season and so it's good to give your body a little break. That is why we love Rooibos ice teas. You can get really creative with different fruit and herbs when it comes to creating your own favourite Rooibos ice tea.

I love the combination of acidic orange, sweet strawberries and tangy ginger. Our Hidden Valley tea bags are filled with regular cut Rooibos which is full red in colour and baked fruit and apricot jam flavours. Rooibos' natural sweetness also means that no additional sugar is needed. This is great news especially for pregnant women (me!) who tend to struggle with finding healthy and tasty drinks to stay hydrated.


1 litre of water
4 Sunbird Rooibos Hidden Valley Rooibos tea bags
About 5 cm piece of ginger, peeled and finely slice
1 orange
10 strawberries
Lots of ice

How to do the magic

Boil the water and add tea bags. Remember, 'water is the mother of tea', so be aware of your source, filter it if it's chlorinated, but also please don't buy plastic bottled water.

Leave the tea bags to brew for 6-8 minutes, depending how strong you want the Rooibos. We recommend that you make it strong as the melting ice will quickly dilute the Rooibos flavour. While still warm, add the ginger.

Let the Rooibos tea cool down completely and you can either remove the ginger or leave it in the ice tea. Either way works well. Store in a jug in the fridge. I prefer to leave the ginger in the jug. Just before serving the ice tea, cut the orange in half and cut it into slices Cut strawberries in half. Mix the fruit and ice with the Rooibos and it is ready to be served to thirsty friends and family!

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