Rooibos - Our Heritage

This Monday 24 September Heritage Day is celebrated in South Africa. Whether you celebrate Heritage day, Shaka Day or Braai Day – Monday is a day to embrace and honour the rich cultural history and wealth of our country. As a community, we share the responsibility to identify and respect what is important, and pass on these places to future generations so they will understand what came before them.

Heritage Day is also celebrated as Shaka Day in commemoration of the legendary Zulu king, King Shaka. He was the founding father of the Zulu nation. It is also commonly known as Braai Day when people are encouraged to cook food on open fire together with their friends and families. Although less formal, Braai Day is an initiative started by Jan Scannell (otherwise known as "Jan Braai"). He wanted this day to be about focusing on our shared culture rather than focusing on cultural division.

Rooibos tea's history is rooted in the Cederberg region of South Africa. Khoisans, the indigenous Bushmen of the region, harvested the leaves of the Rooibos plant for centuries. From the Cape, Rooibos has then spread and become a staple in all South African kitchens. These needle-like leaves are now consumed by millions of South Africans every day, from babies to elderly. Even dogs are given Rooibos tea to cure illnesses. 

Have a lovely long weekend and Heritage Day!

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