SUNBIRD SUPERIOR - A premium range of Rooibos based blends in compostable teabags

Inspired by the history of the Cape along the maritime spice route, and our fascination of fine flavours, we sourced the best international and local spices to complement our premium organically grown Rooibos tea. These are presented in compostable teabags, that are full of natural flavour, for enjoyment and convenience. 
Sold in beautiful cardboard boxes with a gold filigree border, we offer five new blended Rooibos teas in compostable teabags:

  • Spiced Orange Rooibos: a well-balanced combination of slightly bitter orange, spicy cinnamon and ginger, and naturally sweet premium quality Rooibos. 
  • Pure Rooibos: A premium blend of two rooibos teas from some of best growers. Both farmers work with nature to grow their Rooibos without any artificial fertilizer or pesticide,
  • Hibiscus & Rooibos: With its slightly tart taste, Hibiscus combines beautifully with naturally sweet Rooibos creating a strong red cup of flavour. Rosehips add sweetness and honeybush has undertones of wood and honey. 
  • Rooibos Chai: We have created our own special blend of sweet Rooibos, cinnamon, cardamon, ginger, cloves and black pepper. 
  • Buchu & Rooibos: Buchu is native species to the Western Cape of South Africa. With a minty, blackcurrrant flavour and high natural oils, when combined with our premium Rooibos tea, it elevates the natural aromas. 

Each box has 20 compostable tea bags wrapped in a recyclable pouch. The size of an individual box is (13.5cm * 5cm *7cm). 

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