Our Sunbird Superior range is now halal certified

Our Sunbird Superior range is now halal certified

We are excited to share with you that our five Sunbird Superior rooibos-based blends now have a halal Certificate from the South African National Halaal Authority.

SAHNA  is among the founder members of the World Halaal Council and enjoys international recognition from both Muslim countries and the broader global community.

SANHA states that "Halal is an Arabic word which means lawful or permissible. In the specific context of consumables it refers to food that is lawful for consumption. The antonym of Halal (lawful) is Haram (unlawful) which refers to unlawful items. Muslims are permitted to eat the flesh of certain animals, which are required to be slaughtered according to the specified ritual procedures. Pork is totally not permitted. Similarly, any animal not ritually slaughtered will also be categorised as Haram (unlawful). Halal also encompasses all aspects of food hygiene and quality."

"Although non-meat items are neutral in terms of Islamic Law, the processing procedures, food additives, preparation areas, etc. also must be free from non-Halaal contaminants."

"With specific reference to the flavour industry, it is imperative that no animal and/or insect derivatives/extracts be used, since the sourcing and monitoring of Halaal animal derivatives from the source i.e. the abattoir right through the process is complicated and difficult. Animal derivatives and extracts would include animal fats, animal enzymes, gelatine, blood plasma, tallow-based glycerine, L-Cysteine from human hair, animal stock, animal stearates, cochineal colour etc."

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