We found(ed) a new Sunbird species - Matzikama

The place of sweet water

Matzikama means the place of sweet water. Despite the dry scrubland bordering Matzikama Mountains, a high altitude plateau provides a source abundant water. In spring, waterfalls cascade off the cliffs that tower above the arid plains below. On top, the sweet sound of singing sunbirds, our mascots can be heard.

The soils and local climate produce a wonderful Rooibos tea with a malty aroma leading to caramel flavours. 

Fully compostable teabags

Matzikama comes in our new compostable teabags. These teabags are designed to decompose under 'industrial composting' conditions. This refers to developed countries, where organic waste can be taken to a public facility for composting - the new filament will decay in 2 weeks at 58 degrees and 100 % relative humidity.

While this is achievable at home - particularly in the more hot and humid parts of the country, it will need to be a properly managed compost heap.

Under regular conditions our teabags will decompose after 5 years. This might seem long, but it's still a fraction of the time of regular plastics.

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