Where there is tea, there is hope

To our loyal customers

Like everyone, the Covid-19 pandemic has affected us. Our first duty is to the wider community to which we belong – to ensure that our activities to do not become a vector for infection.

Our online sales and deliveries are running normally. We began instituting additional hygiene practices from the 9th March - before the first case was announced in the Western Cape. Please also note that sealed, unprepared food is not a vector for Covid-19 and our sealed tea was packed in sealed pouches, tins and cardboard boxes before the pandemic reached South Africa. Our staff is using hand sanitizer before packing your order for delivery. Our couriers have also increased their vigilance on hygiene. 

Since Monday, we have been obeying the regulations outlined in President Cyril Ramaphosa’s address.

Our second duty is to ensure our business continues to function in the short and medium term. Please be reassured that we are making deliveries as normal, and as of writing, our supply chains have not been disrupted.

We will be amongst the many businesses that struggle over the next few weeks and months. Like how our individual actions will determine how the pandemic plays out, our individual choices also determine how those in our wider community will fare. Now is the time to support those local businesses that you want to see survive in the future. Our national economy will take a severe hit, but by supporting your local businesses, you can soften the blow.

Lastly, in every challenge there is opportunity. As a business and individuals, we have adapted. Besides the virus, fear and selfishness are contagious. But so is positivity, including charity, hope, calm and joy. Use this opportunity to connect positively with others.

And remember: “Where there’s tea, there is hope.” Arthur Wing Pinero

Anton Louw and the Sunbird Rooibos team

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