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Sunbird Rooibos

Wupperthal • Organic Rooibos Tin 100g • Single Origin Rooibos

Wupperthal • Organic Rooibos Tin 100g • Single Origin Rooibos

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Honey and nutty aromas with hints of thatch lead into an ultra-smooth palate.  Medium-bodied but full, sweet flavours and floral notes make for an exceptional tea.


We buy our certified organic Rooibos tea from the Wupperthal Original Rooibos Co-operative, a democratically organized group of small-scale farmers who have grown Rooibos in South Africa for generations. 

Situated on the East side of the Cederberg range, behind the rain shadow and on the edge of the Tanqua Karoo, this is the hottest and driest site within our collection. Shale soils also contribute to a robust leaf that is dark in colour. Tea and Rooibos tea aficionados say, including us, that the extreme weather results in notably higher quality tea compared to Rooibos growing in other parts of the Cederberg. 


Put one teaspoon per cup in a stove-top kettle and boil vigorously for 2-4 minutes. Or, steep in a cup with freshly boiled water for 5-6 minutes.


  • White tin box, box made in South Africa
  • Height 15.2cm
  • Width 7cm
  • Length 10cm
  • Loose leaf Rooibos tea is packed in resealable and recyclable pouches
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