Cederberg Green with Apple and Cinnamon

Cederberg Green with Apple and Cinnamon

A steaming cup of rooibos tea isn’t just good for the soul, but also for your body. Packed with antioxidants and naturally free from caffeine, rooibos makes an excellent anytime drink that you can feel good about drinking. Given its naturally sweet flavour and low tannin content, rooibos makes an excellent base for additional flavours. “A cup of tea makes everything better” is a lovely sentiment, but when a cup of tea has actual health benefits it really adds to this quote.

Green Rooibos is made by fixing the color of the green leaves before the plant can oxidise. This is usually done by drying the leaves soon after harvest. However, our Green Rooibos is fixed using steaming, emulating traditional green tea methods. This medium bodied rooibos retains maximum antioxidant content thanks to the use of steam in its production.

It has a crisp flavour and pairs well with fresh green apple and cinnamon. Mental health is equally important, so this nostalgic flavour pairing, reminiscent of freshly baked apple pie, is sure to help when a bit of comfort is needed.

To make this comforting cup, you will need:

  • 1 tea bag Cederberg Green Rooibos
  • 1 apple, sliced
  • 1 cinnamon stick

Steep the tea, cinnamon stick and about 2-3 apple slices in hot water for 4-5 minutes. Pour into a cup and enjoy. The cinnamon stick can be left in your cup for added flavour.

You find buy our Single Origin Green Rooibos here.

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