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Sunbird Rooibos

Cederberg Green Rooibos • Organic Rooibos Tin 100g • Single Origin Rooibos

Cederberg Green Rooibos • Organic Rooibos Tin 100g • Single Origin Rooibos

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A fresh crisp tasting medium bodied tea with notes of green apples and newly cut grass. An invigorating drink to start the day with.


Green Rooibos is made by fixing the color of the green leaves before the plant can oxidise. This is usually done by drying the leaves soon after harvest. However, our Green Rooibos is fixed using steaming, emulating traditional green tea methods. This ensures the maximum anti-oxidant retention and creates the crispiest flavour.


Steep in a cup with 70-80 C water for 3-4 minutes to avoid astringent flavours. With a naturally sweet flavour and gentle tannins, we suggest no milk or sugar - at least for your first sip.


  • Tea bags are made of renewable biopolymer, polylactic acid (PLA). They are certified compostable and oil based plastic free. Consumer can responsibly dispose of teabags in their local council food bin or organic waste collection which are essentially industrial compost facilities. 
  • Teabags are packed in recyclable polypropylene pouches
  • White tin box, box made in South Africa
  • Height 15.2cm
  • Width 7cm
  • Length 10cm


  • Halaal certified by SANHA, South African National Halaal Authority
  • EU Organic certified
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