Rooibos Tea for Your Mother - 8 May 2022

Celebrated on the 8th of May this year, Mother’s Day is a day to celebrate and cherish the mothers and mother figures in our lives. Although its roots can be traced back to Greek and Roman origin, Mother’s day first became an official day in 1914. The day is celebrated in different ways around the world, but in the Western culture it has traditionally been used to give flowers, cards and other gifts to the moms in our lives. 

Moms are special for many reasons, and their love, advice and warm hugs deserves to be appreciated with equally warm gifts and gestures. Our single origin rooibos tins make an excellent gift for this occasion. What represents a warm mother’s hug better than a toasty cup of tea? 

The single origin range boasts 7 variations, 4 of which are loose leaf and 3 which come in biodegradable tea bags. Drinking tea is great for relieving stress and promoting a calm mental state. The act of making a cup of tea, loose leaf especially, is a little act of meditation in itself. Mom’s deserve many moments of calm, so why not gift them a tin of tea to show them how appreciated they are for all they do?

If you’re not sure which tea would suit your mom, have a look below to see what we think:

  • WUPPERTHAL: this organically certified tea is the perfect choice for the mom who likes a full, sweet flavoured cup
  • CEDERBERG FOOTHILLSwith flavours of freshly baked goods, this tea is perfect for the mom who likes a treat
  • CEDERBERG GREENwell suited if your mom likes green tea, but not the tannins or caffeine
  • HIDDEN VALLEYperfect for the mom who love a stronger cup of tea
  • OLIFANTS VALLEY: excellent choice for the mom who prefers a brighter, florally cup 
  • MATZIKAMAa great all rounder for any mom
  • WILD GROWNif your mom is a little on the wild side, this could be a great option

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