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Sunbird Rooibos

Organic Pure Rooibos 50g • 20 Compostable Teabags • Sunbird Superior

Organic Pure Rooibos 50g • 20 Compostable Teabags • Sunbird Superior

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Sunbird recognises that Rooibos is a remarkable beverage for a number of reasons and elevates it above the common drink that it has come to be known as.

This Rooibos has fewer bitter tannins than regular teas, and has a naturally sweet, fruity, and nutty flavour.


For best results, boil vigorously on a stove-top kettle for 2-4 minutes. Alternatively, steep in a cup of freshly boiled water for 6-8 minutes. We suggest drinking this fine Rooibos without milk or sugar…at least for your first sip.


Each box has 20 x 2.5g compostable tea bags wrapped in a compostable pouch. 

Fibre+ tea bags are made from 100% renewable biopolymer, polylactic acid (PLA), being 100% compostable and biodegradable.

The size of an individual box is 13.5cm * 5cm *7cm.

Paper box: 100% recyclable


  • Halaal certified by SANHA, South African National Halaal Authority
  • EU Organic certification
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