Sunbird Rooibos

Sunbird x Wildflower Rooibos Honey Gift Box

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Elevate your Rooibos ritual with a drizzle of nature's sweetest. Our Superior Spiced Orange Rooibos pairs beautifully with Wildflower's award-winning orange blossom honey, to create a brew that's deliciously sweet and citrussy. 

Why Rooibos and Honey? 

Natural Sweetness: Honey offers a delicate sweetness that enhances the nutty and subtly sweet flavour notes of Rooibos.

Balanced Flavour: Honey complements rooibos without overpowering its natural taste, creating a harmonious and delicious blend.

Why Wildflower Honey Co.?

Wildflower is committed to the wellbeing of their bees. They pride themselves on the fact that their honey is pure, raw, and untouched, and advocate for buying real honey and supporting local beekeepers.

You can read more about their story on their website.